Functions of a Dungeon Master (Dungeon Master referred as DM for this document)
1. Dungeon Master has the final say. The end.
2. To run the game as unbiased as possible and keep the game balanced.
a. Running a fair and just game.
b. May lean to one side of the game to help balance the power reserve.

Character Building (Classes & Races)
1. Character building will be done with the DM present.
2. Character sheet will be done either via computer or paper.
a. DM will keep all paper character sheets or a copy of character sheets via computer when not in use.
b. Computer version will be provided by DM.
c. Paper version is not provided by DM but provided by one self or other player if available.
i. Paper version must be the printable version of the computer sheet.
3. Stat rolling
a. Rolling 4d6
i. Drop the lowest d6 of the 4.
ii. No pooling due to options to help increase stats later on
iii. Reroll 9 or below.
iv. Roll 3 columns of 6 and take the column best suited.
4. Classes
a. Banned Classes and Allowed Classes
i. Monk is banned.
ii. Bard is not banned unless take the feat Versatile Performer.
iii. Any created classes.
iv. None Pathfinder (Paizo) created classes.
1. Amendment: Classes created by a third party specifically for Pathfinder (Paizo) are okay.
v. Classes fixed to bring them up to Pathfinder (Paizo) standards are okay.
b. None Gestalt.
c. Favored Classes
i. Any class is allowed except for ones listed in the follow sub-sections.
ii. No untested created classes.
iii. These classes will be chopped and abilities to be bought by Tokens (Later Explained).
iv. No prestige classes may be favored to be bought by Tokens.
d. Prestige Classes
i. All prerequisites must be met.
ii. The prestige class must be taken for all of its levels.
e. Races
i. All character start off human.
ii. Racial abilities may be bought though by Tokens to augment racial abilities of human.
iii. With Tokens you may be able to change fully into another race.
1. Changing your race does not cause you to lose previous racial abilities.

Experience and Tokens
A. Experience
1. Players will gain experience as a group most the time and may receive extra experience for deeds in the game that no one else will receive unless acted on by more than one person.
2. Experience for battle will be determined by the highest level character. Even if you are lower level then someone else. You will receive experience as if you are the same level as the highest level character. You may lose extra experience for being lower level. This is to encourage keeping levels of character as close as possible with experience.
B. How to earn experience.
1. Showing up for a game with needed materials. IE: Character Sheet w/ Completed and updated character, Dice, Computer (If needed), Pencils, erasers, note pads and anything else needed.
2. By role playing with in the game. More you role play and or interact with other players or none player characters (referred to as NPC’s from now on) with in the game. Also by playing your characters archetype (IE: By a Rogue being sneaky and disabling traps).
3. Battles in game with gain you experience. Normally this is the bulk of the experience you will gain but this might change throughout this game.
4. Completing puzzles. Hopefully there will be a couple puzzles.
C. Losing your experience
1. By pissing of the DM and other players.
i. Other player would have to prove that the loss of experience is needed for this situation. DM ultimately decides if the loss of experience is needed.
2. Respecialization of your character Token’s selection.
i. 1% of your character’s total experience. (IE: 809,000 experience will cost you 8,090 experience to respecialize all you Tokens.)
ii. At first level this is free. Anything beyond first level will cost the amount previously stated amount.
iii. Any respecialization of a character’s Tokens must be approved by DM.
D. Tokens are meant to buy abilities from two pools; Favored class and Favored Race.
1. Favored Class is determined before the game in which you will be able to pick from a range of abilities determined by that class. List as followed. All is onetime bonus per level. Some abilities by have prerequisites to met before taking.
i. Hit Dice
ii. Saves
iii. Skills
iv. Base Attack Bonus
v. Special Features
vi. Spell casting abilities.
2. Favored Race is determined before the game in which you will be able to pick from a range of abilities determined by that race. List as followed. All is onetime bonus per level. Some abilities by have prerequisites to met before taking.
i. Hit dice
ii. Saves Bonus
iii. Skills Bonus
iv. Base Attack Bonus
v. Racial Features (Not hit dice, save, skills or base attack bonuses.)
vi. Racial Subtype
vii. Racial Type
viii. Natural Weapons
ix. Size increases and decreases.
x. Extra limbs
xi. Stats
xii. Natural Armor

Magic Items and Weapons
1. This is considered a low magic game. (IE: Lord of the Rings)
2. Magic items and weapons are considered powerful story artifacts in the world and are very rare. Thus all cost of normal magic items and weapons is their bonus x4.
a. This affects the cost of making magic items and weapons by the same rate of x4.
i. This affects all costs of building a magic items and weapons.

Special Features and Misc Rules
1. Training others in feat has been changed.
a. May train with others for one feat. every four levels starting a level four. Progressing at the same rate stat boosts.
i. Cost and time of training for extra feat is x4.

Expected of the players
1. To keep you characters updated and ready to play when determined.
2. Keep arguments to minimum unless it is in role play against other player characters (Referred as PC’s) and NPC’s.
3. To feel comfortable with their characters build and attitude. If you do not meet this, you will most likely not have a fun time playing. Here is a chance to start a new character.
b. May start a new character with new stats.
i. New rules for a new character are as previously stated (unless noted below) but at half the experience as your last character.
Note: This is a new character that would normally start a level 1.
ii. Must give the DM a chance to compile a new list for Racial and Class Tokens. Should be no longer than a week.

I may change more rules as we go along. I will notify everyone of the rule change and hopefully give and update rule sheet to everyone. I expect everyone to at least keep watching on the rules and not go overboard with them or pick them apart because I have them worded badly. Let’s have some fun.

The Unforgiving Dark New World